Hit The Road In Rochas: Fantastic Springtime Jet Set Looks

Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Rochas is many things: elegant, eccentric, enviably cool and endlessly chic. Since 2013, this crafty and talented designer has transformed the French house into something of a rarefied find—there’s a quirk apparent in his Rochas designs, and the fashion flock goes crazy for it.


As it happens, our current Rochas roster is unbeatable for stylish springtime jetsetting. This magnolia-print ruffle dress in on-trend yellow? We’re thinking: perfect for lunch, or a cocktail, at the Brazilian Court in Palm Beach, Florida. This outsized bow dress in eye-catching violet? Hot Havana nights! Travel to Cuba has never been easier. And this jungle print silk twill frock? We’ll see you for caipirinhas in Rio de Janeiro. Rochas, round the world. Why not? Rent now!